12 Nov 2015
Pierre Fortin
Partner | CPA, CA | Management consulting

In an interview with François Gagnon, host of the PME en action program on the Argent network, Pierre Fortin, Management Consulting Partner, provided insight into strategic planning.

He explained that strategic planning benefits both SMEs and large entities. It’s not, as many mistakenly believe, simply a huge report gathering dust on the shelf, it’s a way for businesses of all sizes to develop a tailored, simple, easy-to-apply game-plan.

Pierre added that entrepreneurs only spend one hour per week on their corporate strategy. Yet, taking a step back to look at the company’s vision, its objectives and the values it wants to transmit to staff and clients makes it possible to set up a well-defined plan that will contribute to increasing the bottom line as well as mobilizing employees and getting their buy-in to attain the company’s objectives.

The first step in strategic planning must include an in-depth review that encompasses analyzing the competition and the company’s distinctive features. This is then followed by development of the actual plan and its implementation.

Visit the Argent network Internet site to see the complete interview (French only).

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