15 Oct 2019

Two of the Firm’s international tax experts collaborated with Le Devoir on the Vieillir dans le Sud report.

The experts agree that it may be advantageous to spend six months down South after you retire, provided these extended stays outside Quebec are properly planned.

According to Martin Caron, Senior Manager, Tax and International Mobility: “You have to consider your destination, the cost of living, currency and tax system. Each situation must be examined individually, depending on your income and the destination country. You could prepare simulations to see how much you’ll have for the rest of the year, in Canada and the other country.”

Mélissa La Venia, Lawyer and Senior Manager, U.S. and International Tax, says: “Everybody must discuss with their financial institution to determine if they can keep their account and investments.”

If you’re planning to live in another country, there are several factors to consider beforehand: departure tax in Canada, permanent residence vs. tax residence, pension plans and other assets.

La Venia add: “You also have to ascertain if there is a tax treaty with the other county. Each treaty is different. These documents establish the criteria that determine the tax residence of a particular individual.”

Read the full article online (in French).

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11 Oct 2019

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton participated in the Association des Avocates et Avocats de province (AAP) convention held in Rouyn-Noranda on September 26-29, 2019.

Pier-Paul Belzil-Lacasse and Michel Thibault, both Partners and Licensed Insolvency Trustees in the Recovery & Reorganization Group were in attendance.

Co-chaired by Metre Sandra Éthier and Metre Bernard Barrette, the convention was held this year under the theme “Changer pour mieux réussir” and brought together some 130 lawyers from across Quebec.

As part of this annual gathering, which offered about ten training sessions to registrants, our two experts also presented two training sessions on the topics of case law review in insolvency and reading financial statements.

As part of this annual convention, which also provided training courses for the attendants, our two experts presented two of the training sessions on case law in insolvency and reading financial statements. Pier-Paul Belzil-Lacasse delivered the welcoming address at the cocktail reception on behalf of the firm.

Once again, the firm was present at this important event, which is a testament to its leadership and the commitment of its experts across Quebec to provide sound and practical advice to professionals and decision makers.

The AAP is an association of lawyers who are members of a bar association other than Montréal, Québec City and Outaouais that defends and promotes its members’ professional, economic and social interests.

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10 Oct 2019


A bill introduced by U.S. Senator Marc Rubio would allow Canadians aged 50 and over to stay in the United States for eight months instead of six.

Every winter, over one million Quebeckers migrate to the warmer weather down in Florida. If this bill is adopted, it will enable the State of Florida to benefit from higher consumer income.

Martin Caron, Senior Manager, International Tax and Mobility, emphasizes: “If money is spent in another juridiction, the taxes are spent over there and not here.”

Caron specifies that this bill should technically not have an impact on income taxes, but rather on sales taxes.

“Take the two extra months multiplied by the number of people who will stay longer in Florida, and both Quebec and Canada will be losing out on sales tax income.”

Let’s not forget that while the U.S. law might change in this respect, Quebec legislation, especially with regard to health care, will remain unchanged for the time being.

Caron mentions that, under the Quebec Health Insurance Plan, Quebeckers cannot stay outside of the province for a period longer than six months. If the U.S. bill is adopted, some Quebec provisions will have to be adjusted for tax purposes, but nothing has been confirmed in this regard.

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Read this article in the Journal de Québec (in French).

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02 Oct 2019

It’s much easier than we think to accumulate debt, especially at or near retirement, when income is not as high.

Debt can also create tension within a couple.

Éric Lebel, Partner and Licensed Insolvency Trustee, paints a portrait of clients in debt in Bel Âge magazine : “People come to us looking for solutions. Some, in their fifties, are sick and don’t always have salary insurance. Others are self-employed, without a financial buffer in case of unforeseen events.”

Lebel reminds us that at retirement, it’s important to review all of our credit: “Even though our income decreases, we still get to keep all of our credit cards. Spending $100 or $200 over budget every month is enough to accrue thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in debt.”

Sadly, in the past 20 years, there has been an increase in the number of people aged 65 and over with debt. There are solutions to remedy indebtedness, but first and foremost, you have to slow down your lifestyle. Then, different options are available such as debt consolidation, the consumer proposal or declaring bankruptcy. These solutions can get you back on track and help you sleep better at night.

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