11 Apr 2012

Several media outlets invited Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton to comment on the Quebec and federal budgets announced on March 20 and 29, 2012, respectively.

Other than the press releases (Québec and federal budgets) that were published following the budget lock-ups, which set us apart, some of our experts gave their observations and demonstrated their tax and financial expertise in several media outlets and various regions of the Firm’s network.

Tax Partners Bernard Poulin and Luc Lacombe, who both attended the two lock-ups, gave several interviews, notably with hosts Paul Arcand and Paul Houde.

The following are some of our experts’ appearances in no particular order:


  • Luc Lacombe provided comments in an article published in the magazine Protégez-vous, as did Michel Lefebvre in an article published in La Presse. Réal Létourneau contributed to an article in La Tribune.


We should also mention, among others, Stéphane Lagacé (Rivière-du-Loup office), Pierre Jones, Sylvain Gilbert, Guy Fauteux and Jean-François Thuot who delivered post-budget conferences, which further extended the Firm’s visibility. Lastly, Éric Dufour was interviewed several times, namely as President of the Chambre de commerce de Saguenay, in several media outlets, including Radio-Canada radio, newspaper Le Quotidien and radio station Kool 105,5 FM.

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10 Apr 2012
Benoit Egan

Benoit Egan

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and its Real Estate Consulting Group’s expertise were showcased during the Major Projects Strategic Forum organized by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal on Friday, March 30, 2012.

During this event, Benoit Egan, Partner in the Montréal office, answered the question, “Is the current economic environment favourable for investing in real estate in the city?” through a detailed talk on current and future economic prospects in this market.

The Real Estate Consulting Group’s projections drew the interest of participants and the media. An interview with Benoit Egan was published in La Presse, under the title “Copropriétés: pas de bulle à Montréal… pour l’instant” (French only), in parallel with the Strategic Forum. To read the article, click here.

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton was proud to be associated with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal during this major event that brought together 19 lecturers and shed light on over 10 major projects in the city. Congratulations to Benoit Egan for his involvement and his extensive expertise in the Montréal real estate sector!

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09 Apr 2012
Jean-François Thuot

Jean-François Thuot

Publisher CCH Canadian Limited in collaboration with RCGT expert, Jean-François Thuot, Tax Partner at the Montréal office, provide a leading-edge vision of highly complex issues in corporate reorganization taxation.

People interested in the subject can now register for Fiscalité des réorganisations corporatives, an online document offering a new issue every four months. Jean-François provides in-depth analyses of the hottest current issues as well as his highly detailed opinions and knowledge. Consequently you will:




  • Obtain strategic information to help you make the right decisions;
  • Learn about future tax trends;
  • Have access to major technical interpretations and case law;
  • Follow legislative changes;
  • Become aware of the new tax planning options.

By registering for the online version of Fiscalité des réorganisations corporatives, you will have access to all of Jean-Francois Thuot’s work. Additionally, the online version offers a key-word search option and quick hyperlink access to legislation, government documents, and case law cited in his text.

Introductory Offer – $50 less if you register by April 30

By registering before April 30, you will pay a special introductory price of $295 (regular price is $345).

Furthermore, the first issue which deals with the following topics is being offered free of charge by CCH:

  • Taxable preferred shares (TPS)
  • Paid-up capital increase and use of safe income
  • Corporate reorganization and corporate HSF contribution rates
  • PLUS: case law and technical interpretation references (representing a 210-page document!)

To register, or for more information on this offer or the content of the next issues, visit www.cch.ca/reorganisations (in French only).

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05 Apr 2012

Webinar on the federal and Quebec budgets (2012)

On Monday, April 2, 2012, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton broadcast its webinar on the federal and Quebec budgets called, “A Vision Beyond the Numbers.”

Panellists Jean Gauthier, Renée Gladu, Bernard Poulin, Maurice Arsenault and Michel Lefebvre exchanged with some 300 attendees on the recently announced budget measures in addition to dealing with various subjects that were important to them. Attendees asked questions directly to the panellists in studio during the broadcast.

This successful event gave Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton the opportunity to position itself in a positive light regarding issues that directly affect entrepreneurs from all regions of Quebec.