16 Apr 2015

Jean-Daniel Brisson, Lead Senior Director, Management Consulting, was solicited by Les Affaires to comment on the achievements of the Board of Directors of Yellow Pages Limited. According to Jean-Daniel Brisson, the Group, which has experienced major financial difficulties in the past few years, is back on track to growth, particularly due to the wise decisions of its Board of Directors. Mr. Brisson noted several best governance practices, particularly:

Taking a hands-on approach in a crisis: “In addition to maintaining a healthy distance so that it can see both the forest and the trees, the Board must take a hands-on approach in a crisis. In the final analysis, it is the Board that is “accountable” and that has decision-making power,” he explains.

Providing perspective: “At least 80% of the time should be dedicated to thinking about the risks and opportunities, as well as the competitive advantages and the long-term strategy, while ensuring measurable objectives and regular tracking,” Jean-Daniel Brisson adds.

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