14 Oct 2014
Pierre Fortin
Partner | CPA, CA | Management consulting

The smart city takes on multiple forms and can be based on varied initiatives to improve the population’s quality of life, stimulate the local economy, reduce the carbon footprint or facilitate urban mobility.

“Few cities have applied all the dimensions of the smart city; instead they have set priorities according to their needs” explains Pierre Fortin, Partner in Charge of the Strategy & Performance Consulting Group and Municipal Sector Leader at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

For more information, see the article published in Les Affaires, entitled “Une ville intelligente, c’est quoi ?” (What’s a smart city?)

Discover the different ways cities can rethink their management model in depth to reduce costs and improve public services. Attend the smart city conference, “La ville intelligente”, this October 22 at the Montréal Science Centre.

On that occasion, don’t miss Pierre Fortin’s 8:45 a.m. presentation demystifying the smart city, entitled “Démystifier la ville intelligente”. He will discuss the challenges cities will face in becoming “smart cities”.

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