11 Jan 2018
Pier-Paul Belzil-Lacasse
Lead Senior Director | CPA, CA, CIRP, LIT | Recovery and reorganization

According to Pier-Paul Belzil-Lacasse, Lead Senior Manager and Licensed Insolvency Trustee, “Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, bankruptcy doesn’t release you from the obligation to pay alimony. The same holds true for debts resulting from fraud, embezzlement or misrepresentation as well as court-ordered fines or penalties and student loans if the student has been out of school for less than seven years.”

For more information, read the article (in French) published in the Journal de Montréal which uses a concrete situation and provides various solution alternatives.

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M. Belzil-Lacasse is a Lead Senior Manager at RCGT. He is your expert in Recovery and Reorganization...

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