26 Aug 2016

The decision of the people of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union has been highly publicized and will continue to be a cause for debate and reflection. By way of several of its experts, the Grant Thornton global network has already published some analyses on the impact of this decision. As the process continues to evolve, it will devise different reports to make companies that do business with the UK or wish to do so aware of the implications and consequences of the June 23 decision and of business opportunities.

Although several questions remain unanswered and many issues need to be addressed in the next few months, the Grant Thornton global network, which consists of more than 130 countries and over 42,000 professionals and includes Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, has published various studies, such as:

To keep updated on the analyses and studies produced by the Grant Thornton global network, visit the online global information centre at Global Brexit Hub.

For any questions about your company’s business and the UK, please contact one of our firm’s main business unit leaders who will be happy to guide your business initiatives: