20 Aug 2020

Did you know that government assistance is available for businesses to support work and family balancing initiatives?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, employers have had to adjust in order to offer their employees the best conditions to keep them engaged and help them maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. While balancing work and family was already a major source of stress for workers, the COVID-19 crisis has amplified it.

As Quebec businesses gradually resume operations, more than one third (39%) of Quebec parents believe they will need more frequent workplace accommodations for work-family balance reasons compared to pre-COVID-19. More than half (53%) even say they would be willing to change jobs if they were offered better conditions to facilitate work-family balance according to a survey conducted for the Réseau pour un Québec Famille.

New work-life support program

To support businesses in this new reality, the Quebec government has announced the creation of the Programme de soutien financier en matière de conciliation famille-travail for workplaces.

The purpose of this program is to provide direct financial support to employers who wish to adopt good work-life balance practises to improve the quality of life of workers with family responsibilities and to make work-life balance a practice that pays off collectively in the workplace.

Businesses could receive up to $40,000 from the Ministère de la Famille to finance their project.

Three components

  • Component 1 – Support for employer initiatives: supporting employers in their efforts to implement work-family balance measures within their organizations;
  • Component 2 – Support for information and training initiatives: providing employers with tools to assist them in implementing work-family balance measures within their organizations;
  • Component 3 – Support for specific initiatives: supporting any other project designed to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life for workers through actions that bring collective benefits to the workplace.

Types of eligible projects

  • Needs assessment and development of a profile of existing work-life balance measures within the organization;
  • Implementation or improvement of work-life balance measures within the organization;
  • Production and publication of tools adapted to the targeted environments and the situation of the clienteles or members;
  • Organization of information and training sessions on work-family balance best business practices;
  • Any other project that falls within the objectives and guidelines of the Ministère de la Famille with respect to work-family balance, such as a project to identify work-family balance best business practices by activity sector or a local or regional partnership project to encourage workplaces to promote work-family balance.

Businesses must submit their application by 4:30 p.m. on September 25, 2020.

To find out about the program’s eligibility criteria and access the financial application form, consult the government of Quebec website.

Our expert consultants can help you design and present your projects in order to obtain the necessary financing to carry them out as well as assist in their implementation, particularly through training aimed at developing employee skills.

Let our experts guide you through the process. Contact our team now.

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07 Aug 2020

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton continues to lead the Management and Accounting Firms category in the annual Léger reputation survey.

Les Affaires reported highlights of the survey in which 325 companies from here and abroad were ranked. Jean Coutu, IGA, Canadian Tire and Google topped the survey, which was based on more than 14,600 interviews with Quebeckers.

Thank you so much!

In addition to being the most important accounting firm in Quebec, according to the Les Affaires 2020 leading accounting firms ranking, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is proudly established throughout Quebec. It is thanks to the trust placed in Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton by clients and employees for over 70 years that the firm continues to stand out, maintaining the excellence and quality of its services for the benefit of organizations and their leaders in all communities and from all activity sectors.

Thank you for your trust and for making Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton the top firm in Quebec!

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28 Jul 2020

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Proud to Join the Regroupement des firmes de services professionnels indépendantes.

Driven by a common desire to contribute to business recovery and support local purchasing, Quebec’s leading accounting firm, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, has joined the Regroupement des firmes de services professionnels indépendantes (RFSPI).

Quebec’s professional services sector is a key driving force of the province’s economy. Not only do the organizations in this dynamic sector make a significant contribution to the economy, but their actions help provide our local economic drivers with the means to achieve their ambitions and, in the current context, the ability to recover more effectively. The RFSPI embraces this vision with an inclusive and collaborative mission.

Encouraging, promoting and developing entrepreneurship

Emilio B. Imbriglio, President and CEO of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, said: “We are proud to be one of some 225 independent member firms of this important group that aims to encourage, promote and develop entrepreneurship, something that all of the professionals in our firm have been involved in with heart and passion since 1948.”

Today, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is a market leader and consultant of choice for businesses and, for this, we can thank the quality and excellence that drive the firm’s professionals throughout Quebec every day. Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s in-depth knowledge of Quebec’s various activity sectors and regional characteristics gives it unique sector-specific and local insight to understand the realities of businesses, identify their needs and offer them services that meet their expectations, while remaining an influential and valued business advisor. “The context of economic recovery arising from the public health crisis has led the firm to develop a range of services adapted to the new reality of a large number of organizations, the Solutions for SMEs program,” Imbriglio stated.

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16 Jul 2020

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is committed to ensure the health and safety of its community. The firm has therefore implemented preventive measures to minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread. We are following the recommendations made by our governments’ health and safety authorities, in order to protect our clients and employees.

Looking after your needs is our top priority. With this in mind, we want to assure you that we have implemented all the necessary measures to continue to serve our clients at the highest level.

We want to remind you that effective July 18, 2020, and as required by the Quebec government, it will be mandatory to wear a mask or face covering in all indoor public spaces, including services companies and private professional firms.

We therefore ask for your cooperation at all times when you visit our buildings. Masks will be available at the entrance.

Please make sure to respect the two-metre physical distancing rule whenever possible. Sanitary and hygiene measures also remain in effect. You can learn more about the measures by visiting the Quebec government website.

If you cannot wear a mask or face covering, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a virtual meeting with one of our experts.

The following are the other measures we have put in place to better serve you.


  • While we prefer to meet you in person, the current situation forces us to restrict our gatherings. That said, we will customize our approach according to your needs.
  • Please know that currently, we prefer to have telephone meetings and videoconferences.
  • We will continue our operations and meetings with our clients while limiting the number of gatherings.
  • Of course, we will continue to greet you with a smile, but as advised, we will avoid handshakes.
  • We want to assure you that thanks to our robust and highly secure IT structure, our service teams will be available to assist you with your business needs.
  • To assist you, please know that you can pay your bills online through e-transfer or through your banking institution’s website.

Important information for clients during tax season

The tax season is an important time when numerous documents are exchanged. In our ongoing effort to implement preventive measures, we ask that you email the documents required for filing your income tax returns.

If you do not have email, we have placed boxes to deposit your documents in the reception area of all our Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton offices.

Please note the following:

  • It is important to indicate your Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton contact on the envelope.
  • Your documents will be forwarded to your Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton contact within 24 hours.

Once your tax returns have been finalized, they will be emailed or mailed, as per your request. You will then be informed on the procedures to follow in order to sign the documents, which can be done electronically. You will receive an acceptance confirmation email for the documents to be sent to the different governments.

Important notice: The federal and provincial governments announced new flexibility measures for individuals and businesses.

Sharing of Documents

In preparing your financial statements, as well as for any other need, we are recommending that you send us your documents securely and confidentially through ClientAccess. To learn more, please contact your partner in charge.

Conferences and other events

Conferences, networking and other scheduled events have been postponed. We are following the authorities’ recommendations in this regard and are monitoring the situation very closely. Once resolved, we will be sure to notify you. In the meantime, for your information, several insights and webinars are available.

Recommended preventive measures for our clients

Implementing basic measures and having a contingency plan at the ready will ensure your employees’ health and safety, as well as reduce the impact on your long-term productivity. Please contact our advisors to assist you with your planning.

Useful resources

In closing, please find a few useful resources on COVID-19 to help dispel any myths about the situation, and to provide you with preventive measures.

Gouvernement du Québec – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Government of Canada – FAQs

Although the situation is fast evolving, our commitment remains strong. We have been supporting our clients for more than 70 years and share a business relationship with you that is dear to our heart.

All our professionals are available to assist you with any of your business needs.