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Audit and public issue − Public companies

As a reporting issuer, you are required to comply with stringent securities regulations and strict accounting and tax requirements and be transparent in your continuous financial disclosures year round.

By validating your financial statements through an annual audit and, if required, a review of your interim financial statements, our professionals help you ensure your compliance and enable you to confidently achieve your business targets.

Audit Engagement

The audit engagement provides reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free from material misstatement. It is a high level of assurance for those charged with governance of an entity, helping them in fulfilling their responsibility to oversee the preparation of financial information that presents the financial situation fairly, in all material respects.

Moreover, our team of professionals takes into consideration the internal controls regarding the preparation of financial statements and will communicate significant deficiencies identified during the audit as well as suggest the appropriate corrective measures.

With our assurance experts, you will receive:

  • An independent, neutral validation of your data, without risk of conflict of interest or bias;
  • The support of highly qualified professionals, who are subject to a clear code of ethics, thus ensuring their integrity and confidentiality;
  • Assistance from a multidisciplinary team whose expertise spans a broad range of business areas;
  • A personal, attentive approach, in which you are informed about all matters that concern you;
  • A forward-thinking approach, integrating state-of-the-art digital and technology tools.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

The initial public offering is generally associated with the listing of a company on the stock exchange and is an important milestone. The IPO is an opportunity to raise your company’s profile and broaden your capital-market horizons and business opportunities, provided this passage is well-thought out and managed. Our experienced team will guide you through all the steps that are critical to the success of this transition:

  • Strategic planning;
  • Preparation of the financial documents required for the IPO;
  • Compliance of financial statements and other information comprising investment documentation;
  • Identification of tax implications;
  • Change management inherent to this transition.

Our team’s vast expertise is an invaluable asset that will bolster the success of this transaction.