The Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Women of Talent committee was created in 2012 for the purpose of enhancing the standing of the women in our organization and promoting their roles and responsibilities by supporting strategic actions that foster business development through the creation of stable business relationships.

To showcase the depth and diversity of our women employees, the Women of Talent committee asked seven women in various offices to share how they embody our CLEARR values every day, in their professional and personal lives: collaboration, leadership, excellence, agility, respect, responsibility.

The result has been seven inspiring portraits. Through their career, community involvement, accomplishments and philosophy of life, these women are a tremendous source of motivation and we’re very proud to present them to you.

We would especially like to thank these women for their generosity in agreeing to open up and share their stories.

Mélanie Boyer
Partner – Assurance (Québec City)
Leader of the Network Women of Talent committee