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La blockchain et les cryptomonnaies démystifiées par notre expert

Blockchain is being increasingly talked about. While the technology is often associated with cryptocurrencies, it has other uses.

Louis Roy, President of Catallaxy, the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton subsidiary that specializes in blockchain solutions, spoke about this new technology in two media interviews.

As part of the release of the 500 most important businesses in Quebec in 2019, where Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton ranked 58th, Alain McKenna of Les Affaires wrote an article on large organizations involved in technological innovation.

Louis Roy spoke about the creation of Catallaxy in 2017 and the issues surrounding this new technology. He explained that, among others, “for the firm, Catallaxy is somewhat of a defensive move, but we’re preparing for the future. It’s only a matter of time before our clients will need to have digital assets or crypto funds audited and we are one of the few organizations in Canada with that ability. We’ve also become a blockchain reference centre for other members of the Grant Thornton organization around the world.”

In an interview with Karine Boivin Forcier of Informe Affaires, Louis Roy said: “One innovative aspect of this technology, […] is that it makes it possible to follow digital paths and log this flow without human intervention.” He added that the technology can be applied in several fields, not just the financial sector, such as insurance or large businesses.

He also stated that cryptocurrencies comprise a multitude of risks and that Catallaxy specializes in supporting organizations wishing to explore this avenue.

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