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Louis Roy

Louis Roy

Partner and president of Catallaxy - CPA

Assurance and accounting


Louis Roy is National Assurance Manager and Blockchain Leader. With more than 25 years of experience auditing financial institutions, public companies, and regulatory and government companies, he contributes uncommon assurance expertise using cutting edge information technologies.

Louis Roy is a leader in digital asset audits thanks to his extensive experience and vast audit expertise. He has been working as a leader in blockchain technology expertise since 2017. He created Catallaxy, a subsidiary of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton specializing in blockchain and digital assets.

Louis is a member of various committees such as:

  • CPA Canada – Assurance Innovation Committee;
  • CPA Canada – Auditing Crypto-Assets Discussion Group;
  • CPA Quebec – Working Group on the Transformation of the Profession in the Digital Age;
  • CPA Quebec – Technical Working Group – Assurance.