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How to calculate the value of a company? Our experts help you determine the fair price of a business during a purchase and sale.

In the purchase, sale or transfer of shares or assets, there is no room for error. And, often faced with data that is incomplete or nonexistent, calculating the value of a business can be a real puzzle. This is where the expertise of our team becomes pivotal.

The objectivity of our experienced business valuation professionals ensures you will obtain a neutral, reliable and credible assessment with which to seek fair market value and maximize your profits on your transaction.

As members of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV), our experts perform their work in a variety of situations where a determination of the value of a business is required:

  • Acquisition and sale of a company or intangible assets (patents, technology, trademarks, etc.);
  • Family transfers and estate freezes;
  • Shareholder integrations and buyouts;
  • Strategic and tax planning;
  • Allocation of the purchase price and impairment tests for accounting purposes;
  • Financial modelling and help in decision making.

Attuned to the needs of their clients, our professionals have intimate knowledge of both the entrepreneurial reality and the private sector.