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Our expertises

Efficient tax planning is essential to the healthy management of your business. Our tax team will ensure the compliance of your financial information. With operations in every region of Quebec and the backing of a global network of experts, we are equipped to advise and support you in your innovation, growth or international expansion projects.

  • Taxation – R&D and Innovation (SR&ED)

    The business world is a field in which the landscape is constantly evolving. To thrive in such an environment, companies need to(…)

    Taxation – R&D and Innovation (SR&ED)
  • Canadian taxation

    Canadian tax rules can be a complex maze for companies to sort through. Our team of experts keeps up to date on(…)

    Canadian taxation
  • International taxation

    With globalization, markets have become increasingly integrated, thus facilitating the cross-border movement of human and capital resources and making it easier for(…)

    International taxation
  • taxō

    Simplify your life with taxō, an online accounting service available year-round to help individuals prepare their tax returns. Quickly enter your data(…)

  • Commodity taxes

    Mastering the rules governing consumer taxes is no simple feat. Our team of seasoned professionals is extremely knowledgeable about the various tax(…)

    Commodity taxes
  • Tax training courses

    Companies of all sizes would benefit from taking training courses to expand and update their knowledge of taxation. It’s in your company’s(…)

    Tax training courses