International Recruiting

Labour shortage is a major impediment to growth and puts the sustainability of businesses at risk. Recruiting staff abroad could help to offset the lack of qualified workers.

The number of job vacancies in Canada continues to increase. In June 2021, there were 218,600 job openings in Quebec. It is projected that the trend will accelerate. In addition, the labour force is expected to increase from 65.9% to 59.4% by 2030.

This major challenge, which most industries are facing, requires companies to be creative to position themselves as an employer of choice and stay at the forefront of their market.

Calling on temporary foreign workers can help your business to:

  • Meet demand and expand your clientele;
  • Stay competitive;
  • Take full advantage of the staff’s potential;
  • Develop business sectors;
  • Increase revenues.

Recruiting the best international talent could prove to be a complex process for many businesses. Our subsidiary AURAY Sourcing offers a turnkey solution at a very competitive price. We find the resources you need, handle the legal process and support the workers to ensure a smooth integration.

Our experienced team understands the challenges of international hiring. We will do everything possible to find you the worker who will add value to your production of goods or services. We offer, among others:

  • Recruitment development strategies;
  • Company-specific advice;
  • Search in overseas labour pool;
  • Digital processes with virtual and recorded interviews;
  • Pre-selection of candidates based on their technical skills;
  • Recommendation of candidates according to profiles sought and their motivations to come live in Quebec.

Call on our experts for a successful recruiting initiative in complete peace of mind.

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