Cybersecurity is emerging as a critical issue for businesses, since breaches can impact their survival. By protecting your data, you protect partners’ and customers’ confidence. That’s why every business needs a monitoring plan and effective technologies to keep phishing scams or other threats at bay. Our experts provide you with strategies and solutions.

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Cybersecurity, a priority issue for SMEs

Cybersecurity has become a major issue in today’s markets and this is even more true since the beginning of the pandemic. To guard against phishing and other cyber-attacks, SMEs need to invest in IT security. Is your business prepared?

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Telework: Five Business IT Security Considerations

With the pandemic, telework was introduced at a breakneck speed in many organizations, which have seen their IT security risks increase. To help you assess the situation, here are five aspects to keep in mind to ensure that your organization is minimizing its IT risks.

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The Healthcare Industry: a target for cyberattacks

The health sector is not immune to phishing attempts. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in the number of phishing campaigns, ransomware attacks and social engineering. To prevent cyber attacks, it is essential to be well prepared.

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VARS urges SMEs to strengthen their information security

More than ever, businesses need to update their strategies to ensure protection of their data and systems. It’s time to urge your business to step up its security with sophisticated solutions that are tailored for your needs.

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Plan your digital transformation

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Industry 4.0 Audit Program Extended to All Industries

Do you know that the Industry 4.0 Audit program is available for all sectors?

Whether your business is in the manufacturing, retail sales, tourism, leisure or any other industry, including cooperatives and social economy entities, you are eligible for the MEI subsidy.

Companies wishing to take this step can benefit from the MEI subsidy, which can amount to up to 50% of eligible expenses. In addition, many subsidies can be combined with the MEI grant.

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Digital Transformation: Taking Action After an Industry 4.0 Audit

You completed your audit 4.0. What do you have to do now to achieve your business’s digital transformation? Where do you begin?

Here you are, recommendations in hand, facing a plan providing you with a clear portrait of your business’s level of digital maturity.

You now have to take action to develop this maturity in line with your strategic planning. But where do you start to achieve your ambitions?

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