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Entrepreneurial succession

The time has come to sell your business. Handing it over can be heartbreaking because you have devoted a good part of your life to making it what it is. As you near retirement, you want to be sure that whoever takes over your business will take good care of what you spent years building.

As a transferor, you have many questions:

  • What does the future hold for the business you’ve devoted your life to?
  • What should you be considering when building a succession plan?
  • How do you make the right choice when looking for someone to take over?
  • How can you determine a fair price that reflects the business’s true value?
  • How can you prepare employees for such a transition?
  • How do you reconcile intergenerational differences?
  • Do you have the entrepreneur-buyer profile?
  • How do you find a business that is for sale?

Our entrepreneurial succession team will support you in your decision-making surrounding these complex issues, and will guide you throughout the process. Our integrated approach will help you anticipate potential problems, simplify communication between the parties involved and optimize your business decisions.

Our experts will give you an objective outside perspective to make communication between the sellers and buyers seamless. We focus not only on the human considerations, but also on the legal, financial, taxation and strategic aspects.

Effective planning is vital to:

  • Anticipate potential problems;
  • Gradually transfer knowledge;
  • Plan for skills development as needed; and
  • Make sure that your business is in good hands.

Transferring your business is not something you do on the fly. Give yourself peace of mind by doing business with our seasoned professionals.