Accounting assistance – payroll and bookkeeping

Having your accounting managed effectively and rigorously saves you time and prevents needless worry. In fact, impeccable bookkeeping, based on accurate, clear and up-to-date data, is an indispensable tool for preparing your financial statements. 

Benefit from the services of our accounting technicians and professionals to:
  • Fill a gap in your internal resources;
  • Avoid penalties due to late payroll payments or other remittances;
  • Avoid ensuing confusion and errors;
  • Save time in producing your financial statements.
Our professionals work diligently and efficiently, backed by the latest applications in the field along with its experience with companies of all sizes and the continual updating of their knowledge and skills.
Rely on our experts to optimize the management of your business and lighten your daily tasks:
  • Monthly accounting;
  • Project-based accounting;
  • Period- or year-end procedures;
  • Preparation of monthly reports (taxes, payroll deductions, etc.);
  • Monthly remittances, T4 and RL1 slips, notices of termination, and others;
  • Investment tracking;
  • Support in choosing and operating accounting software.
This will allow you to focus on your organization’s core operations and growth strategy, having clear and reliable accounting data in-hand.
With over 100 offices, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is present in its clients’ business environment. Our experts understand entrepreneurs’ reality and can call on the 2,300 professionals in our network to seek answers to any question you may have. Give yourself that peace of mind!
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