Cybersecurity and Phishing

Nowadays, everyone’s talking about phishing, cybersecurity and data protection. Businesses should be concerned.

In order to remain competitive and ensure the confidentiality of your digital data, your strategic growth plan must include top security measures.

This will protect your most valuable assets, preserve your company’s reputation and prevent significant financial losses.

Through VARS, a company owned by our firm, we help small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations, implement highly complex cybersecurity services tailored to their needs and financial plan.

We are well aware of the risks to which your company is exposed and we are ready to protect you against them.

Phishing: the cause of 95% of incidents

Phishing occurs when someone tries to fraudulently obtain confidential data online in order to steal someone’s identity for example. Fraudsters do this in a variety of ways, either by using a fake e-mail attachment or by using malware, such as ransomware.

Ransomware is a program to extract money from a business. The fraudster illegally accesses data to encrypt it or block access to it and demand an amount of money from its owner to recover it.

Comprehensive information security support

Our team has a reliable and proactive system for responding to such incidents. Our offer includes:

  • a 24/7 threat detection and surveillance service;
  • the implementation of a protection plan;
  • phishing prevention, advanced email security and malware detection;
  • an emergency incident response service (911);
  • identity and access management;
  • awareness campaigns and phishing simulations.

VARS will assign a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to your company who will assist you in implementing and managing a security plan. The CISO’s role includes the following:

  • Strategic advice on information security;
  • Architecture and design of security solutions;
  • Governance;

Risk and compliance management

At the cutting edge of technology, our experts work with external technology partners who adapt in real time to evolving systems thanks to artificial intelligence.

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