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Our expertises

Business challenges are frequent and recurring. Our approach to business is based on in-depth knowledge of business practices here and abroad, as well as an experienced team from a variety of disciplines. With the support of our experts and our network of partners, you'll be ready to seize the business opportunities that arise.

  • Brokerage

    Close to a quarter of business owners in Quebec plan on selling their business in the next few years. If the time(…)

  • Business valuation

    How to calculate the value of a company? Our experts help you determine the fair price of a business during a purchase(…)

    Business valuation
  • Financial litigation

    Our team can also assist you in legal disputes to quantify the damages and determine your personal net worth or notional earnings.(…)

    Financial litigation
  • Corporate finance

    Obtaining financing for a company is a critical and sometimes complex step. If your project involves a divestiture, an acquisition, a major phase(…)

    Corporate finance
  • Risk management and general insurance

    General insurance protects you from events such as breakage, fire and negligence lawsuits that result in damages or losses that may compromise(…)

    Risk management and general insurance
  • Transaction support and due diligence

    Make enlightened business decisions and minimize the risks inherent in any investment or business acquisition, thanks to the support of our team(…)

    Transaction support and due diligence
  • Business sales and acquisitions

    Buying or selling a business is a complex process that is often fraught with emotions. Getting the support of an expert is(…)

    Business sales and acquisitions