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Human resources consulting

Our expertises

Human resources are of prime concern for any business. Globalization, rapid technological advances and generational shifts in values are changing how businesses are run. In the context of labour shortages, it is all the more important to give due attention to the human at the centre of all these transformations.

  • Human resources management

    It is more important than ever to give due attention to the human at the centre of all transformations. In order to(…)

    Human resources management
  • Local recruiting

    To select the right candidates for the right positions, you must evaluate your processes and properly identify the competencies that you need.(…)

    Local recruiting
  • International recruiting

    Labour shortage is a major impediment to growth and puts the sustainability of businesses at risk. Recruiting staff abroad could help to(…)

    International recruiting
  • Immigration Law

    Do you want to study, work or live in Québec? Our team of immigration lawyers and consultants can support you in that(…)

    Immigration Law
  • Business process outsourcing

    Is your business looking for skilled workers in the midst of a labour shortage? Is it having a hard time finding all(…)

    Business process outsourcing