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Technological solutions for the finance function

While the digital era can be challenging, technology does support growth and has become an essential component of business efficiency and longevity.

Our management consulting team offers innovative technology solutions to improve your business’s financial performance. Combined with our management expertise, these solutions contribute to the:

  • Optimization of financial performance and cash management;
  • Automation and robotization of business processes;
  • Support for decision-making through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

Working with you, we undertake an in-depth analysis of your needs, develop a strategy within your reach and support the implementation and integration of adapted solutions.

Improve your financial performance management

Transform your cumbersome, inefficient planning processes into an efficient and collaborative experience that combines finance, sales and operations in a single plan. Our team of experts can guide you in deploying a complete smart planning and follow up platform. You can benefit from:

  • Automated budgeting that combines financial and operational information;
  • Forecasts based on performance indicators and simulations;
  • Real-time visibility about your management information;
  • Visual, dynamic support for decision-making thanks to intuitive scorecards.

We can help you select the most appropriate solution available on the market based on your needs. Our team of specialists supports the following technological solutions: IBM Planning Analytics with WatsonCCH Tagetik, Anaplan, Vena Solutions, SAP BPC, OneStream.

Improve your cash and payments management

Simplify and optimize cash and payments management thanks to state-of-the-art systems and experienced professionals. You can benefit from:

  • Centralized daily visibility of bank balances and transactions;
  • Integrated, automated e-payments;
  • Full integration with your accounting system to automate bank reconciliations;
  • Easier short-term cash forecasts and working capital optimization.

Our team of cash specialists integrates two of the most complete solutions on the market: Kyriba and FIS integrity. Our firm offers the Kyriba solution in integrated management mode especially for SMEs at a fraction of the cost.

Automate financial consolidation and financial statement preparation

Facilitate the management of the financial closure process, accelerate the consolidation of results and automate the preparation of financial and management reports, in compliance with regulations. Take advantage of:

  • Automated period closure processes, consolidation and preparation of performance indicators;
  • Automated consolidation entries, reconciliation of intercompany transactions and foreign currency conversion;
  • Consistent financial information that complies with legal and regulatory requirements.

Proposed solutions include: CCH Tagetik, IBM Cognos Controller, CERTENT Disclosure Management, PowerBI.

Make better decisions faster

Stay flexible in a constantly changing market and allocate resources where they’ll be most useful. Communicate a strategy, refine forecasts, efficiently analyze data, use tactics adapted to your vision and increase your profitability. Take advantage of:

  • Predictive algorithms;
  • Profitability analysis and a clearer understanding of your data;
  • Prompt detection of atypical values;
  • Rapid performance of requests and analyses;
  • Efficient exploitation of information sources;
  • Reduced data analysis time.

Our experts in digital transformation, advanced analytics and data architecture have the know-how to develop the best solution for you based on your technological architecture, tools available and business needs.

Automate and roboticize processes and operations

There are technological solutions to support manual and repetitive tasks and activities. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is also possible to use technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and character recognition to help you discover unsuspected improvement opportunities that will enable administrative teams to concentrate on value added work. Discover:

  • client experience improvement and transformation;
  • smart automation of business processes;
  • integration of internal data, external data and unstructured information;
  • automation of information processing and decision-making in real-time.

Our knowledge, combined with our mastery of efficient technology solutions, will make it possible for you to maximize the return on your investments.

Our experts can help you deploy technological solutions tailored to your needs. Our teams leverage the best solutions available on the market, as well as the alliances we have created over the years with industry players such as Automation Anywhere, a world-class solution in process robotics.