International taxation

With globalization, markets have become increasingly integrated, thus facilitating the cross-border movement of human and capital resources and making it easier for anyone to expand internationally. And this is where the expertise of a tax specialist comes in.

For companies and individuals alike, doing business abroad requires careful planning and rigorous compliance with the applicable tax laws in each market. Our experts in international taxation possess the necessary specialized knowledge to successfully guide you in your endeavours.

If one of the following situations applies to you, our experts can provide you with the support you need to forge ahead confidently and worry free:

  • You have operations abroad or are planning to expand internationally in the near future.
  • You are interested in an international investment or already hold assets abroad.
  • You work abroad, or employ foreign workers or workers who are called on to travel to another jurisdiction.
  • You are a member of a multinational group and have operations with related non resident companies.
  • You are considering becoming a non-resident of Canada or immigrating to Canada.
  • You are a U.S. citizen living in Canada.

Based in Montréal and Québec City, our team works closely with professionals of the Grant Thornton network in over 130 countries. In combining their forces, they put an unparalleled wealth of expertise at your disposal that works for you and transcends borders.

Our specialists keep up to date with every change in taxation laws and will take the time to clearly explain the rules that concern you as well as guide you in your decisions. Their judicious advice will make the difference to your success.

Call on our team to:

  • Ensure your compliance with tax laws and minimize your risks;
  • Plan the establishment of your presence abroad;
  • Obtain sound advice on the tax impacts pertaining to your cross-border transactions.

Our specializations

American corporate taxation

Tax consultation for companies doing business in the United States, performing compliance work for federal and state taxes, and handling indirect local and state tax issues.

International taxation

Advice and tax planning for businesses established abroad, tax impact analysis for cross-border transactions, including optimization of the acquisition structure and support in disputes with tax authorities.

International mobility

Advice and tax compliance for individuals stationed abroad or coming from abroad, optimization and planning of costs associated with international transfers.

Transfer pricing

Tax planning and compliance for companies having cross-border transactions with related entities, preparation of transfer pricing documentation, and support in disputes with tax authorities.

Cross-border taxation of the estates of individuals and entrepreneurs

Advice and tax planning for individuals, estates and trusts who have dual citizenship or residence status, are holding investments abroad, or who are moving to from Canada to another country (or vice versa).

Take advantage of our professionals’ expertise to conduct international business in total peace of mind. The world is waiting for you. Are you ready?

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