Corporate finance

Obtaining financing for a company is a critical and sometimes complex step.

If your project involves a divestiture, an acquisition, a major phase of an organizational transformation, or business refinancing, our experienced team of professionals will take care of all aspects, from the initial analysis to the final transaction.

Whether you are ready to pass on the torch, require liquidity for your business or you’re on a growth track, it takes market intelligence, access to global financial and buyer networks and a depth of industry and value-added advice to ensure your transaction lives up to your expectations.

For each client, our team puts together a comprehensive file that analyzes the company’s history, provides an accurate picture of the situation, and highlights the key performance indicators, risk factors and potential solutions.

Endowed as they are with extensive experience and specialized knowledge of the banking markets, our experts are able to take an objective and informed look at your company. They put their skills at your service to:

  • Identify your needs;
  • Analyze your financial results and business model;
  • Establish an optimal financial structure, supported by a dynamic model;
  • Select the right partners for your project;
  • Structure and manage the sequence for approaching financial partners;
  • Negotiate terms and conditions;
  • Facilitate exchanges between parties;
  • Bring the project to a successful completion.

Benefit from our well-established network and the credibility we’ve earned through the numerous transactions we’ve completed over the years. The advantages for you are many. You will:

  • Be well guided by our recommendations that take into account the reality of the market as well as your specific needs;
  • Minimize your costs, owing to agreements with optimal terms;
  • Enjoy a high success rate on complex transactions.

Our seasoned experts will take charge of the entire transaction process. Count on our team to support you through this decisive step.

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