Commodity taxes

Mastering the rules governing consumer taxes is no simple feat. Our team of seasoned professionals is extremely knowledgeable about the various tax laws and keeps abreast of the slightest changes that may affect you.

With us, companies can be confident that their tax returns and claims are fully compliant.

Our support and expertise will minimize your risk of errors and maximize the returns you are entitled to. In fact, whether you need help applying the myriad tax rules, or even with the process of launching new products and services or expanding, you can count on us to:

  • Prepare your tax returns and administer the management of applicable taxes (GST, QST, HST and others);
  • Avoid penalties and interest payments arising from poor documentation or an erroneous application of the rules in effect;
  • Ensure your company’s compliance with the various laws;
  • Increase your market competitiveness by reducing your costs and freeing your teams to focus on more profitable activities;
  • Provide you with judicious advice to optimize and automate your processes;
  • Train and coach your staff in strategic consumption tax management.

Our expertise spans four broad categories:

  • Canadian consumer taxes (Canada, Québec and other provinces): tax opinions, detailed reviews of goods and services taxes.
  • Tax disputes and negotiations with tax authorities (Canadian and U.S.): advance income tax ruling requests and tax interpretations.
  • U.S. and European sales taxes: tax opinions and determinations on the application of taxes and on tax liabilities.
  • Specific taxes (excise, insurance, tire, tobacco, fuel, etc.)

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is a member of an international network that affords it access to expertise across countless borders. Yet it remains a Québec company that is fully dialled into the reality of Québec businesses.

In our approach, the entrepreneur is our foremost concern. And our ultimate goal is to simplify your life by offering proactive, customized and flexible support as well as sound consumer tax advice.

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