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How to Manage Business Innovation

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Innovation is a hot topic these days and you know that it’s part of the equation for your business’s longevity. Whether diving into a new market, redirecting your business plan, simply staying ahead of the competition or adapting to your clientele, you need to evolve.

Our experts propose guidelines for promoting an innovation culture, preparing your strategic plan and walking confidently towards success.

In this article:

Business Innovation: A Survival and Excellence Kit

Innovation is more than a buzzword. How do you foster success and stand out in a highly competitive marketplace?

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Seven Steps for Developing a Successful Project

Businesses launch many projects each year. Properly planning each project will foster its success.

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Change Management: The Key to Successful Digital Transformation

The human aspect is at the heart of a successful transformation. Managers play a crucial role in making change happen.

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Participatory Governance, a Corporate Performance Tool

Participatory governance is an asset for companies that want to improve the quality of their decisions and engage their employees.

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Carbon Neutrality: A Sustainability Issue for SMEs

There is every reason to encourage SMEs to include the environment and good governance practices in their risk management strategy. Their long-term survival depends on it.

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Clients Are Evolving: Make Sure You Keep Pace

Clients are increasingly mobile and their needs are changing; businesses must therefore be flexible. How will you adapt?

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Setting a Growth Strategy and Capitalizing on Business Opportunities

Whether it’s to achieve the goals you have in mind or because a growth opportunity arises, you need to think strategically.

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Strategic Planning: a Key to Business Success

In the current environment of rapid transformation and uncertainty, how do you stay agile and anticipate the changes needed to secure your organization’s long-term viability? Strategic planning can help you achieve this.

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Innovative companies


Cultivating the Future: Innovation at Savoura

To stay profitable and adapt to market conditions, the business had to look at ways of optimizing its processes, and got all players involved in preparing and implementing a step-by-step action plan.

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Lion Electric: Electric Transportation Heavy Weight

To accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy and reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs), it is essential to address transportation. This is what Lion Electric is doing, one truck at a time.

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An Eco-Friendly Medical Mask: A Global First

Frëtt Solutions, a Gaspésie SME has developed a medical mask that can be washed a hundred times and retain its fine particle filtration capacity—an innovation that will open the doors to the global market.

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SR&ED: Financing Your Company’s Technological Innovation

Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence can help boost your business’s productivity. Find out why and what financial assistance is available.

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Artificial Intelligence Innovation Project Support

AI is a key component of a business’s digital transformation. Do you know what support is available to bring your projects to fruition?

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Business financing and treasury management

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As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of cash flow management, having sufficient liquidity and optimizing your financial performance for the sustainability of your business.

Our teams provide you with practical advice and relevant information to help you reach your goals.

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