Risk management

All enterprises are exposed to financial and governance risks. An efficient strategy should include a rigorous risk management process.

Risk protection measures are essential for achieving objectives and being successful. Our experienced experts can help you identify and assess threats and implement the appropriate measures.

Internal audit

An important factor in instilling a climate of trust in clients and business partners is the quality of internal control measures.

Meet your commitments. As part of a continuous improvement program have the compliance of your processes validated. Call on our professionals’ expertise to:

  • Assess current measures in terms of identified risks;
  • Measure the performance and efficiency of your internal policies and procedures;
  • Develop your audit plan and internal audit program;
  • Assess your internal audit department based on recognized standards;
  • Assess your compliance with current laws and regulations that apply to your enterprise.

We have a flexible approach that provides tangible, personalized solutions, adapted to your business and market. Our professionals have developed extensive expertise in the private, public and parapublic sectors.

Value-for-money audit

Using specific standards, rules, policies and recognized best practices, a value-for-money (VFM) audit is designed to enhance the reliability of your processes and reinforce your clients’ and business partners’ trust by:

  • Ensuring your enterprise is managed effectively;
  • Helping you meet your commitments;
  • Ensuring the maximum quality of your operations while minimizing costs.

Conducted by an independent organization, a VFM audit will provide the information you need to adapt and optimize your current procedures.

Ethics and anti-corruption

Transparency, accountability, ethics and social responsibility are values that are in high demand. They represent major determining factors in organizational management and decision-making.

The strength of our network and our association with leaders in the anti-corruption sector are the foundation of our multidisciplinary service offering in sound anti-corruption management.

We apply a proven approach in providing advice and support to implement governance best practices within your organization that could eventually lead to international ISO 37001 standard certification (anti-corruption management).

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