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L’Auto-route 2024 | To Keep a Record of Your Vehicle Expenses

Whether you’re an employee, self-employed or a professional, you need to keep track of your automobile trips. While this may be a tedious and unpleasant activity, it is essential.

To make your job easier, we have developped L’Auto-route to help you compile the necessary data in a simple and efficient manner.

We invite you to download l’Auto-route. This Excel file will allow you to enter your personal data for automatic compilation. Click on this link to download l’Auto-route (Excel File)

Should you require more information on the tax impact of using an automobile during the course of your income-generating activities. You will find below, among others, a summary of rules related to the calculation of taxable benefits, deductions for automobile expenses and travel allowances, refunds or employer advances.

We can help take you farther!

Please note that l’Auto-route is only available online.

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