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FAQ: Standing Out in the Recruiting Process

Here are a series of questions (FAQ) to answer your main concerns about internships at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

You can of course contact us at any time if you want to know more.

Recruitment process

  • The internship or practical experience periods differ by region and by team.


    Winter internships generally start in January, after the Holiday break, and end just before the start of the summer term, in April.


    Summer internships generally start in May. We guarantee a summer internship of at least ten weeks. However, depending on the teams’ needs, the period may be extended.


    We also offer internships for that time of the year, but the start date and duration differ depending on the team.

  • If your professional or CEGEP studies are in process, you can apply at any time for a College Internship directly on our website. The best time to apply for a spring college internship is from December to February.

  • At Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, we’re looking for candidates who show initiative and have the ability to collaborate in order to complete assignments, while progressing within our teams. As this is an internship, we do not ask for any specific experience because our goal is to support the development of skills and knowledge. We only ask for an up-to-date transcript in order to assess whether candidates are on track to succeed if they wish to continue their studies. We will also be able to support and equip them to reach this goal if they have some difficulties.

  • Our interviews are really in a discussion format. We want to get to know the candidates and see if they have the potential to grow within our teams. Our interviews are not designed to trap candidates on technical topics.

    These video clips provide information and tools for future interns.

  • Absolutely, and some of our teams have busier periods in the summer and fall. However, a winter internship still provides the most training as it comes at a busy time for everyone.

  • We have opportunities in tax, advisory services and IT.

Internship experience

  • Since we have been allowed to work on our premises again, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton has adopted a hybrid work model.

  • Yes, you can. A good example is Graduate Certificate or National Program students who work on a fulltime basis in our teams.

  • Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton has some 100 offices across the network. They are primarily in Québec, but also in Ottawa and Edmundston. We offer internships in the four corners of the province, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, Abitibi and Saguenay.

  • Applying the theory learned in school and putting it into practice. The process and experience are quite different. However, mentors are available to accompany you and help you develop your work structure in order to proceed step by step in carrying out an assignment.

  • Internships are really about learning. They’re not about performance and competition, but rather collaboration and learning to develop interns for their future accounting careers. Mentors and colleagues are available if certain tasks or aspects are more difficult to assimilate.

Career with us

  • Teamwork, collaboration and fun are essential. You will have the opportunity to join our mentoring program. You will be followed by a CPA mentor and supervised by an experienced manager. Their goal is to guide and support your professional development along the way.

  • A cross-disciplinary action committee made up of partners and employees from all regions has been set up to promote inclusion and diversity through various clear objectives that will directly impact the firm’s decisions:

    • Promote a human resources management philosophy that respects employment equity;
    • Encourage employees to voluntarily identify themselves as members of a designated diversity group;
    • Develop an employment equity plan, including quantitative goals for closing representation gaps;
    • Regularly inform all employees of actions taken and progress made in achieving employment equity.
  • In the words of an intern: “With an internship, you get a vision of things that is much more practical and true-to-life. At the Graduate Certificate level, there are a lot of simulations. It is therefore easier to make comparisons with what you learned during the internship. Also, when you start an internship at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, you have to quickly develop your resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and work discipline, and that carries over into your studies afterwards.”

  • Yes, absolutely. In fact, with some of our internships, especially in assurance and audit, we offer the possibility of doing all your internships within our teams and coming back as a permanent employee after you’ve passed the CFE to start your career with us.

    We offer permanent position opportunities for those who have successfully completed the CFE so they can complete the internship requirement for their CPA designation.