Are you a university or CEGEP student looking for an internship? Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is the place to be to develop your skills while creating an excellent contact network.

An internship in accounting with us provides you with an opportunity to continue learning while being supported by experienced staff and manager. Moreover, a designated CPA mentor will guide and accompany you in your professional development throughout your time with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. You’ll also be part of a team where collaboration and fun are a must.

To find out more about the mentoring offered to our interns, please click here.

Questions? We also have university ambassadors in every teaching establishment offering the accounting program who are available to answer your questions. Find out who they are.

Come chart your own course with us!

Who are our campus recruiters?

We have extensive recruiting teams because we are always looking for the best talent to support our clients. Two of our talent acquisition professionals specialize in campus recruiters:

Geneviève Dubé-Marcil


After graduating from HEC with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Human Resources, I gained experience in several areas of administration, which gave me the opportunity to find what I excel at the most: talent acquisition.

Since I joined Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton in early 2021, I’ve learned to approach recruiting differently by creating relationships of trust with students looking for an internship. As a Campus Recruiting Analyst, I work to promote our various internship opportunities and identify students with the potential to grow within the firm.

Contact Geneviève Dubé-Marcil, CRHA for more information.

Visit our campus recruiting Facebook page to find out more. We look forward to talking with you.

You can also watch these webinars made especially for you. You’ll find tools to help you get an internship.

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