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Empowering the Mid-Market to Help Achieve Net Zero

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Here at Grant Thornton, we’re close to mid-market businesses internationally. Around the world our member firms support mid-market companies across all sectors, from retail to manufacturing.

This gives us considerable insight into how the mid-market is feeling about the changing risks and opportunities it faces. Every year we deepen this understanding through our International Business Report (IBR), the longest running survey of mid-market attitudes, including views on sustainability.

We know that mid-market companies are keen to become more sustainable, reflecting their forward-looking, entrepreneurial nature. We also recognise the vital role we, as service providers can play in supporting the transition to net-zero. This is why we recently joined the Net Zero Financial Service Providers Alliance. As the COP26 goals point out: “We can only rise to the challenges of the climate crisis by working together.”

Mid-market businesses see action on sustainability as a business imperative, rather than just ‘doing the right thing’, given increasing pressure from their large multinational supply chain customers, consumers and competitors. Our most recent IBR research confirms this – 62% of those surveyed say sustainability is as important as, or more important than, financial success. And 72% say that prioritising sustainability has become more important than it was pre-pandemic.

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