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Frédéric Kieffer | Expert RCGT

Frédéric Kieffer

Vice President - AURAY Leadership

Human resources consulting


As an experienced recruiter, Frédéric Kieffer considers it a privilege to provide opportunities for talented individuals to grow and develop their career plans. Dedicated to making the perfect match for client and candidate, he has a flair for finding qualified and motivated people who will also be a natural fit within the organization’s culture.

To foster a smooth integration into the team and maximize their chances of success, he accompanies newly recruited executives during the first months in their new position.

Frédéric has over 25 years of strategic consulting and recruitment experience and has coached executives and company directors for organizations in multiple sectors. With a background in management, he has also served as an executive and consultant in large companies as well as in national and international private and public organizations.

Aware of the importance of organizational governance, he has served on several boards of directors, including the Canada Border Services Agency, the Canada Revenue Agency and the Montreal Heart Institute EPIC Centre Foundation. He is also involved with charitable organizations.


Specific expertises

  • Recruiting – Executive Search
  • Events

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