Curious by nature, Jean-François Trépanier is interested in new technologies and their impact on the CPA profession. He is often invited to explain to a variety of audiences how technology is impacting audits.

Jean-François is recognized for his advanced expertise and is an authority in his field. His methodical approach makes him an expert in solving complex problems. His extensive knowledge of Canadian, US and international standards is leading him to participate in several working groups of the Ordre des CPA du Québec, CPA Canada and Grant Thornton International.

He has been a member of the Canadian Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB), the standard-setting body promulgating assurance and related services standards in the country, since 2016. He is Vice-Chair of the AASB since 2019.

Within our firm, he oversees quality management activities. He is also involved in the development of our methodologies, tools and training.