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Go digital: Transition from Excel to Power BI for your financial statements

Watch now - Go digital: Transition from Excel to Power BI for your financial statements

Power BI is an integrated financial statement and analytics solution

Tired of constantly adding new or missing journal entries to your Excel spreadsheets? Does your team waste time trying to track down the most recent version of your financial statements? Have you had trouble getting your numbers to balance only to realize that someone accidentally changed a formula?

Discover how the Microsoft Azure Power BI financial statement analytics platform powered by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s Digital and Technology Consulting team can make analyzing your financial information easier and faster.

This automated solution is right for organizations that:

  • Want to make their financial reporting and disclosure process more efficient, comprehensive and standards-compliant
  • Can extract their trial balance and subledger details from their general ledger system
  • Use MS Excel spreadsheets to present and share financial information
  • Are looking for a simpler way to manage document versions, share financial information and interpret data

During this webinar, our specialists will offer a demo of the financial statement preparation and presentation process. We’ll provide a detailed explanation of each step, as well as the related organizational, technical and governance considerations. We’ll also present the different service delivery options available to give you a better idea of whether this solution is right for your organization.

*The presentation is free and will be offered in French.

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