Business valuation

Make your transactions pay off!

Our experts will help you to identify your needs and accompany you throughout the decision-making process. An objective assessment of the fair market value of your business puts you in a better position to negotiate and maximize your transaction.

We are committed to helping you determine the best price to sell or buy. You can consult us to obtain:

  • A business valuation report detailing a company’s worth
  • Consultation, negotiation, mediation and arbitration services
  • Strategic consulting and financial modelling
  • Expert witness services

Though rigorous, our business valuation approach is adaptable. Each company is different, each situation unique.

Our expertise lies in knowing how to evaluate the worth of a business.
We can help to ensure smooth operations during mergers, acquisitions, sales, financing and restructuring processes, as well as to ensure compliance with securities exchange standards.

Évaluation d'entreprise | RCGT

Key questions about business valuation

  • How much is the business that you’re thinking of purchasing worth?
    • Does its activities complement yours?
    • Would it contribute to your company’s growth?
  • How much do you think you could get for the company you wish to sell
  • Do you want to proceed to a reorganization of the capital in order to diminish taxes?
  • Do you want ton increase funding:
    • by proceeding to an initial public offering?
    • by keeping a control bloc?
  • Do you want to complete a privatization?
  • Do you want to settle shareholder disputes?
  • Do you want to draft property division agreements?
Additional services: Business sales and acquisitions

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