International Taxation

Your growth depends on the taxation system of each country in which you invest.

International taxation requires knowledge and skills in various areas. You have to know the local tax laws that you must comply with and which will benefit your business.

Our experts can help you work out and implement your tax plan.

International Taxation | RCGT

We draw upon our network of Québec and international professionals and our extensive client base to offer you the best business opportunities. Ensure the tax compliance of your foreign investments.

  • Customization of data compilation tools
  • Implementation of tax compliance monitoring
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

Fiscalité internationale entreprises | RCGT

Key questions about international taxation

Do you know how to prepare your tax return and submit your accounts?
Our experts in strategic federal tax services or our fiscal accounting and risk management group can help you to submit your books and tax returns. They can:

  • Maximize use of Canadian federal and US state tax losses
  • Determine fiscal accounting methods and periods

Do you have employees abroad?
Assigning human resources abroad provides excellent opportunity for growth. Our US and international tax experts make sure that all concerned parties fully understand tax-related issues and consequences. We can act on several levels:

  • Foreign assignments
  • Immigration and emigration planning
  • Preparation of income statements for employees assigned abroad

Have you thought about estate planning for your foreign assets?
Our international tax specialists, along with our succession and estate tax group, can help you to plan or settle an estate with international aspects.

 Did you select and establish your transfer pricing methodologies?
In order to maximise your after-tax earnings, our experts will help you to identify and implement the best solutions in transfer pricing.