In order to stay competitive in a globalization context, mining and forestry must implement measures to respond to emerging issues.

Recognized for its expertise in this area, our team will provide you with the benefit of its in-depth knowledge of these industries, as well as its network of local and international experts to help you take on the following challenges:

Furthermore, each industry has its own challenges.


  • In the mining sector in particular, in the context of globalization and fluctuating resource values, it’s important to diversify to counter the detrimental effects of changing prices.
  • Knowledge of international rules, culture and the standards in place is necessary to limit the risk of non-compliance.


  • Raw materials procurement and fluctuating prices are major issues for the processing sector.
  • Knowledge of financial assistance programs is a definite asset to help your business grow and innovate.

We can help pave the way for your ambitions and help you with the following:

With a focus on innovation and teamwork, our experts propose pragmatic solutions, tailored to the needs of your business.

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