Moving up in a business is quite challenging. Find out what an expert from our firm has to say about doing it the right way.

A member of our team since his first internship in 2010, it is fair to say that Vincent d’Auteuil, now Senior Manager – Transaction Support, has rapidly risen through the ranks. Looking back on his career, he shared some tips that helped him quickly make his mark.

1. Ask questions

Vincent is adamant that curiosity is the best ally for entering the job market. He believes that the most promising candidates are those who discuss their questions with their team and who are constantly looking for ways to improve.

The worst mistake, he says, is not being honest about your assigned tasks. The repercussions can be detrimental in terms of time and resources. His advice is clear: “Never hesitate to ask questions to help you understand your work. This can only be beneficial in your superior’s eyes and will make your job much easier.”

2. Take a step back

What do you bring to the team? It’s important to think about what you can contribute. This way, you also contribute to the firm’s efficiency. Take a step back and think about the various objectives of your work. This will help you better understand the motivations behind a task and perhaps suggest more effective ways to proceed. Creative and efficient people are always in demand!

3. Learn how to communicate well

During his career, Vincent has come across a number of mentors who had some sound advice for him. The most important thing he learned? Develop the ability to express yourself, to say what you think and not always say yes.

Communication between team members is fundamental. Check in with your colleagues, adjust to their ways of doing things, but stay true to yourself. Assert yourself when necessary, but always be diplomatic. Choose the right words and don’t hesitate to meet individually with your colleagues if you feel the need to express your feelings.

Empathy is an essential quality for making your way in business, so never forget to create strong bonds with your team.

4. Believe in yourself

When talking about the early days of his career, Vincent remembers that he was worried about disrupting, being annoying, not being up to the task. These feelings are normal at the beginning of your career, but you have to learn to believe in yourself. Your desire to learn and excel, your passion must override your fear.

Compromises and solutions exist; it is up to you to suggest them when you feel you need help. This unpretentious self-confidence will certainly help you progress, improve and find your place. In addition to improving your personal development, you will be able to better seize the professional opportunities available to you.

5. Find your balance

Although work is important, it should not become your only focus. There must be a balance with your private life. Vincent considers that this balance is essential to avoid falling into a damaging, stressful cycle. Knowing how to let go in the quieter periods is just as necessary as knowing how to invest yourself in your profession positively and with passion.

Ready to climb the ladder? It’s your turn to prove yourself!

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An IT career with us means…



  • Access to leading-edge development solutions and platforms (Microsoft Azure, Angular, .Net Core, MongoDB, Node.js, Infrastructure Cloud, Cubes, SSAS, SQL Server, SSIS, Power BI, Python, Nest.js, ServiceNow, etc.);
  • Use of methodologies such as Agile, DevOps and ITIL, tailored to project types and client needs (development, operations, infrastructure or security);
  • World-class software packages such as Oracle Fusion, Workday and Cornerstone;
  • An environment safeguarded by the best security practices (CASB, MDR, PAM);
  • Expertise in change management and user training for IT solutions.

Four teams, one group:

  • IT security;
  • Applications and solutions development;
  • BI development – business intelligence;
  • Business analysis;
  • Technology operations and support;
  • Project and change management.

Boost your career! But why choose us?

  • Strong focus on teamwork and collaboration;
  • Ongoing technical training incentive with our Pluralsight license;
  • Significant flexibility provided by the management team, which encourages personal initiative;
  • Internal career advancement opportunities;
  • Highlighting of know-how through daily knowledge sharing;
  • Possibility of working on several projects at the same time and being at the heart of the action;
  • Opportunity to develop by participating in several areas of interest in the projects;
  • Diverse responsibilities, without compartmentalization.

If you are curious, determined and with a sense of integrity, while having the willingness to excel as a team, join us now!

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Our managers play a crucial role with our interns. They support our new staff, ensure that they are fully integrated into their team and support their professional development, in collaboration with our mentors.

Managers also have the role of accompanying interns and following up on their development by guiding them through the firm’s various training programs and numerous career opportunities in assurance, consulting and tax.

Two of our managers, Anne-Sophie Bélanger et Alain Tremblay, share their vision of the role of manager, as well as a few tips to help you successfully integrate as soon as you join Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

Annie-Sophie Bélanger


Alain Tremblay

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