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Un homme gère sa cybersécurité devant plusieurs écrans d'ordinateur

Setting up a cybersecurity program

Watch now - Setting up a cybersecurity program

Did you know that cyberattacks are growing exponentially in Canada and pose a great threat to Canadian organizations? 85% of Canadian organizations were victims of a cyberattack in 2021, compared to 78% in 2020.

While important, traditional security solutions such as antivirus and firewalls are no longer sufficient to protect an organization against new and evolving threats. Implementing a baseline personalized cybersecurity program is the right option.

In this last webinar of the Redefining Cybersecurity webinar series, our VARS experts, Alexandre Blanc and Peter Choo-Foo, discuss the benefits of a cybersecurity program and how to improve your organization’s security posture.

This webinar is available in French only.

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