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Nathalie Ackad

Nathalie Ackad

Partner - CPA

Assurance and accounting

Montréal, Kuujjuaq

Nathalie Ackad has been working in the Inuit community for many years. Having grown up in the Far North, she is deeply invested in ensuring the success of its organizations and communities.

She offers various services ranging from accounting assistance to auditing various entities consisting mainly of non-profit organizations, parapublic organizations and small businesses.

Over the years, she has built relationships of trust with a wide range of economic stakeholders who, like her, share a passion for the Far North and its communities. Focused on results and total client satisfaction, her approach is based on listening to needs, proximity and meeting high quality standards.

Nathalie is also involved with several Inuit community activities, gatherings and more. She also ensures that she is present in the Far North on a regular basis to remain close to these communities and her clients.