As the Managing Partner of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s Western Region, Samuel Havida is responsible for mobilizing a team of over 750 professionals towards charting new markets, testing the boundaries of possibility and setting the gears in motion to prepare and build the future of the firm. Sam possesses the ability to see the big picture while also understanding that each individual effort and contribution is an essential ingredient in achieving collective success.

We must know where we’ve come from, appreciate where we are now, and most importantly, understand where we’re headed in order to achieve our objectives.

As a financial transactions expert and shrewd negotiator, Sam has a vast network of contacts in Québec, Canada, the United States and internationally that he uses to facilitate his clients’ development and support them in the conclusion of successful transactions.

Unlocking the firm’s clients’ full potential and developing talent are fundamental values that guide his actions and are at the core of his management and leadership approach.