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How to finance your business’s technological innovation

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Updated on June 27, 2022

For many companies, financing is perceived as an obstacle to digital transformation, which is essential to their survival.

Technological innovation covers many aspects of a company’s operations. Now more than ever, it must be included in an organization’s strategy to ensure its sustainability and competitiveness. You can invest in your transformation in a gradual and targeted manner based on your specific needs.

In order to determine which financing sources apply to your business, you must first define its needs, as well as your financial structure.

Subsidized an audit 4.0 program

You must prioritize your needs and consider a reasonable schedule to carry out the different implementation phases for these technological innovations.

First of all, you should know that the ESSOR program of the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI) offers financial assistance to organizations in all sectors of activity to establish a diagnosis and digital plan with the help of an accredited auditor.

This step will be crucial in determining your specific needs based on your current level of technological advancement.

Several financial assistance programs available

Depending on the investment needs identified (equipment, technology, salaries, process optimization) and your situation, you may be eligible for financial assistance offered by governments or institutions.

Here are a few resources:

Also, find out about programs that target your industry, such as the Dairy Processing Investment Fund, as well as programs specific to your region.

Tax credits and tax measures

You should also know that several tax measures are available to help you finance your technological innovation projects. Make sure you take advantage of all of the measures to which you are entitled.


If the company anticipates strong growth thanks to this upgrade towards Industry 4.0, it may consider additional financing, i.e., a loan that would be repaid according to the self-generated funds, referred to by different terms.

Unsecured bond (debenture)

This fixed income investment is generally not secured by specific assets but rather by the issuer’s credit score.

Senior debt

This is a loan secured by assets that gives the lender a priority right to repayment over other creditors if, for example, the company defaults, or over the company’s profits.

Royalty loan

A loan with a periodic repayment.

Cash flow loan

A loan based on the expected cash flow of the project being financed.

Do you have questions about the best ways to finance your innovation project? Our experts can help you.

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