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Digital Transformation | Business Evolution

Transformation numérique | Évolution des entreprises | Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Business decisions are made by people, for people. But technology has been of great help in the last two years and will continue to play an important role in the future. Your organization will benefit from integrating a digital transformation strategy into its business plan and thus better adapt to our evolving world. Our experts offer personalized advice and solutions to help businesses like yours develop and implement step-by-step plans for meeting their goals.

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Labour Shortage: How Can Technology Help?

Scores of organizations are seeing their ambitions hampered by the workforce shortage. For many, technology could save the day.

While hiring immigrant workers and rethinking business models may partially address this shortage issue, technology should also be considered as a way to successfully deal with it. Here’s how.

  • Automate tasks and robotize administrative processes
  • Fostering mobility and communication
  • Being more appealing to talent
  • Ongoing employee training

Step-by-step approach

To successfully evolve, your organization requires a strategic plan. You should focus on the short-term solutions that are most profitable for you, without losing sight of your long-term objectives.

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How to Reduce Costs and Improve Performance

If implemented properly, digital and technology solutions can improve your business performance, even in the short term.

Automating administrative processes and repetitive tasks and better exploiting data can reduce operating costs over the long term and improve responsiveness, productivity and performance.

  • Automating repetitive tasks and optimizing processes
  • Optimize your financial performance
  • Making cash management easier

A key for all industries

Companies in all sectors can benefit from technology and digital transformation at their scale to meet their business objectives, including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, tourism and retail.

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Clients Are Evolving: Make Sure You Keep Pace

Clients are increasingly mobile and their needs are changing; businesses must therefore be flexible. How will you adapt?

Demand is shifting and supply must adapt quickly. This was already evident before the pandemic, but the past two years have further transformed needs beyond home delivery services and telecommuting requirements. Your company must meet the needs of:

  • Mobility
  • Customizing
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Environment and sustainable development

City demographics are changing. Social values influence consumers. Getting to know your clients and shaping your business model to attract and retain them requires you to leverage technology, like all your competitors.

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Setting a Growth Strategy and Capitalizing on Business Opportunities

Your growth strategy must be consistent with your business objectives.

You need a plan to adapt to the current context and equip yourself with the means to anticipate your clients’ changing needs.

It’s not about following a rigid plan, it’s about putting guidelines and mechanisms in place to get there by identifying key priorities for action. You need to ensure that your business and the underlying technology can evolve with market needs.

  • Automating management and distribution functions
  • Planning activities strategically
  • Changing the corporate culture

Technological evolution is not a one-time event. Successful growth can only be achieved with a culture of innovation that propels teams and a plan to make technology and digital transformation part of the business strategy.

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  • SR&ED Credits: Are You Taking Advantage of Them?

    Your business could benefit from tax measures, such as SR&ED tax credits, for its innovation projects. Do you know all of these measures? Any organisation, whatever its industry, that is involved in manufacturing and processing or that has technological innovation projects may qualify for specific tax incentives.

  • ESSOR: Supporting Business Innovation

    The new ESSOR is a four-part program provides support to help businesses develop, implement modern technologies and advance their digital transformation journeys.

    ESSOR: A New Program Supporting Business Growth Projects
  • Artificial Intelligence Innovation Support

    AI is a key component of a business’s digital transformation. Do you know what support is available to bring your projects to fruition? There are various measures and assistance programs available to finance your organization’s artificial intelligence project.

    Artificial Intelligence Innovation Project Support