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Teleworking Abroad: What Are the Tax Implications for Employees?

From one day to the next, some workers around the world found themselves converting a corner of their home into a workspace. It can be expected that this new way of working will continue after the pandemic.

Some people see the resulting flexibility as a future opportunity to settle abroad while working remotely for their employer in Canada. What are the tax implications?

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Teleworking from Abroad: What are the Impacts for Employers?

Teleworking has become the norm for many organizations. Some of your employees are considering this opportunity to work remotely from another country? How can this affect your organization?

Such a decision by one of your employees could result in legal, social security and tax obligations for the organization. Here are the questions you need to ask as an employer.

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Transportation to the United States: What Are Your Tax Obligations?

Canadian businesses that carry people or goods to the United States are subject to various tax obligations.

Carriers are subject to both U.S. federal and state tax rules. Note that tax obligations vary greatly from state to state, and in some states, simply transiting through a state may trigger a state tax obligation.

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Non-resident Sale of Property in Canada

In recent months, we have witnessed a significant increase in real estate transactions and, more specifically, transactions involving the sale of properties by non-residents of Canada.

This type of transaction is governed by specific tax rules and this article aims to demystify the role of the various stakeholders in terms of tax compliance.

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American Taxation: Watch for the GILTI Tax Update

If the new U.S. President’s tax proposals are implemented, the U.S. corporate tax rate will increase from 21% to 28% and the GILTI tax rules will be tightened.

For U.S. shareholders of a U.S.-controlled Canadian corporation (which includes certain Canadian entrepreneurs with dual citizenship), these changes could restrict access to a new tax relief measure introduced in the summer of 2020.

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Taxes: What Joe Biden’s Victory Could Change

The victory for Democrat Joe Biden in the U.S. presidential election could result in significant tax changes. The tax planning of Canadian companies doing business in the United States as well as U.S. citizens residing in Canada could both be affected.

Here are the main changes to expect with a Biden government, identified and analyzed by our partner and American and international tax specialist.

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