08 Mar 2018

Senior Manager – Tax
Montréal office



“SMEs create jobs in Quebec. I’ll never stop being impressed when I visit a factory. I find that Quebecers are bold when it comes to business!”


After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration, Mireille worked for several years for the Service d’Aide aux Jeunes Entrepreneurs (SAJE), an organization that supports start-up businesses. “I was helping people start their businesses. I greatly admire those with entrepreneurial spirit and I have immense respect for their passion and willingness to take risks.”

Mireille then obtained a Master of Economics while teaching adult education, once again, to entrepreneurs. She then worked for a large international consulting firm for 12 years. She had completed various assignments across Canada and in different European cities when, in 2008, she was offered a chance to live in Paris for two years.


“I was very excited about this offer. Everything was organized and I was ready to leave when I learned that my father had only three months to live. Without hesitation, I abandoned my plans for Paris. There was no doubt in my mind that my place was by my father’s side here in Montréal. I took a leave of absence to be completely available, free of the hassles of professional life, to enjoy what time was left with him. We talked a lot and I read to him often. Even in quiet times, we were close. We shared many loving moments together. In our busy lives focused on productivity, we often forget to slow down and appreciate the times when we can contemplate and share to find the strength we never knew we had.”

When Mireille arrived at RCGT in 2009, the young economist was thrilled at the opportunity to have SMEs as her clients. “SMEs create jobs in Quebec. I’ll never stop being impressed when I visit a factory. I find that Quebecers are bold when it comes to business! One of the reasons I love my job is that allows me to interact with a wide diversity of businesses because we have clients in so many sectors.”

Human ties above all else

Mireille is very enthusiastic when she talks about the ties she has with her team.

“We specialize in transfer pricing consulting services for cross-border transactions between affiliates. You don’t learn that stuff in school. Succession training is therefore very important. I love sharing my expertise with young people, I find them remarkable, open, friendly and united. Working with younger colleagues is enriching for me: they have a newer, more original vision.”

“I really enjoy working with my colleagues. Furthermore, we share the same values. For example, when I have to take care of my mother who’s getting on in years, they always ask how she is doing and are very supportive given my schedule constraints.”

Mireille believes that in addition to individual responsibilities, the issue of vulnerable elders deserves more thought. “The difficulties of reconciling work and family life aren’t only issues for people with young children; it also affects family caregivers. As a society facing an aging population, we’re going to have to ask ourselves what can be done to support people who are active in the work force and care for their less autonomous parents.”

What would Mireille like to accomplish when she has more free time? “I’d like to travel more, especially in places where I can dive and sail because I love water sports. For about two years now, I’ve taken an interest in primates, more specifically in orangutans, because their habitat is seriously threatened by palm oil production. On the island of Sumatra, in Indonesia, there’s a national park that serves as a huge sanctuary where orangutans can live without fear of poachers. I would like to visit that sanctuary,” she says with some excitement in her voice.