Human Resources

In human resources, our specialists will help you invest wisely in your human capital. Our human resources specialists will provide the advice required to effectively plan the development of your human resources and create an environment conducive to productivity, innovation and success.

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Our 7 services for human resources :

  • Career Transition

    Help entities better manage their resources and to help individuals make adequate career decisions, whether during periods of change within the organization or for employment purposes

  • Coaching and Leadership

    Providing personalized support to leaders and teams in order to accelerate development and optimize performance

  • Feedback 360

    Multisource management competency evaluation and response to the following organizational issues and challenges

  • Potential Assessment

    The assessment serves as a tool so managers can make enlightened decisions in the selection of new resources.

  • Recruiting

    A consulting approach to help clients determine their needs and find the most qualified candidates on the market.

  • Succession

    Succession and competency management ensures the continuity and transfer of knowledge in addition to having a mobilizing effect on resources.

  • Targeted Solutions

    Targeted process designed to maximize the match between an individual’s profile and a position’s requirements.