Business Plan

A documented business plan lets you answer the following question: where will you be in three years?

The business plan is a key element supporting the strategic planning approach. It lets you establish a deliberative framework to understand your organization’s internal and external environment, to determine your issues, opportunities, constraints, competitive advantages, strengths and weaknesses, and to set your orientations, strategies and priorities.

Our experts can help your company make its mark by:

  • establishing your positioning based on your priorities in the years ahead
  • identifying your most promising products and markets
  • optimizing your operations and creating synergies

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton’s experts can help you define clear orientations that will allow higher profit margins.

Keep informed of the changes that could affect your business environment: adopt a good business plan.

In-depth knowledge of your business environment is a determining factor in pursuing your growth objectives

Our strategic planning experts analyze your company and its environment and offer a scenario for optimizing its performance.

  • They identify competencies that need further development and changes to make to usher the company into profitable growth.
  • They provide you with high-performance tools that result in easier strategic and operational decisions.

Business Plan
Our tailored interventions are carried out by professionals with practical work experience in companies. Our commitment to quality is certified ISO 9001:2008.

The business plan: the real meaning of business intelligence and strategic planning

Preparing a business plan presents major challenges. Our intervention approach is based on mobilizing and engaging the management team in the strategic planning process.

Our work creates a bridge towards an operational strategy that allows you to identify the most promising levers for implementation.

Our services:

  • Assessment of competitive position
  • Analysis of internal and external environments (markets, products, capacities, competition, industry trends, etc.)
  • Design and implementation of development strategies (acquisition, integration, alliance, etc.) and business strategies (product or market development)
  • Decision-making tools and studies (research, analysis and organization of industrial data)
Additional services: LEAN Optimization , Logistics Services , Sustainable Development Strategy


We focus on priorities and establish a "strategic map" that summarizes the company's strategic orientations and objectives. This method provides a snapshot of the market that is more readily understandable.

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