In taxation, our experts will direct you towards the most profitable avenues.

The complexity of tax issues could hamper your progress. By joining forces with a team that fully masters this field, both nationally and internationally, you can avoid wasting time and money needlessly. In the process, you will also benefit from global strategies that take into account the financial position of both the company and that of its directors.

Our 12 services for taxation :

  • Business taxes

    Appropriate tax management protects you from errors that can lead to fines and interest, and helps you maximize the claims available to you.

  • Compliance and tax dispute

    Failure to comply with tax laws could pose a problem to your business.

  • Consumer and Other Taxes

    Make your life easier by entrusting us with your tax management processing.

  • Corporate Tax

    Our professionals remain abreast of any new tax laws and planning strategies in order to help your business lessen its tax burden.

  • Financing Innovation and Technological Development

    Are you interested in receiving the maximum tax incentives to which you could be entitled? Contact an expert in your region!

  • Global mobility

    The global mobility service also ensures that employees understand the impact of their assignment, in terms of personal taxation and the related compliance obligations, in both their country of origin and the host country.

  • Income Tax Accounting

    One step closer to integrating high-quality information into your financial statements.

  • International Taxation

    Solutions tailored to your international projects.

  • New Economy

    Capitalize on sound advice to obtain financing and all of the credits you’re entitled to.

  • Transfer Pricing

    Transfer pricing concerns tax compliance , risk management and international tax planning , all at the same time.

  • U.S. Tax

    On the trail of the American dream.

  • Will and Estate Planning

    Will and estate planning is multifaceted, concerning both the emotions involved in the loss of a loved one and the most cold-blooded tax regulations