“There are definitely similarities between automobile racing and business. I race for the thrill and the fun, but also because it’s a true passion of mine. The same goes for business. I work with a team that I trust thoroughly. We all have the same approach and share the same focus, the same objective. Sometimes, there are sharp curves, difficulties arise, but the car can handle it. Having a shared passion and vision motivates the team to excel and succeed.”

After earning a degree in mechanical engineering, Étienne Borgeat started his career in engineering consulting and quickly became interested in computer-aided design. Building on a desire to focus on the added value he could bring to clients, in 2000, he co-founded PCO Innovation, a consulting firm specializing in integrating systems into product lifecycle management. The company’s remarkable success is attributable to its corporate culture based on enjoyable work, accountability, and mutual respect. An investor and member of the board of several start-ups, restaurants and creative studios, he is also known for his success on the racetrack.

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