There is a consensus that we should buy local when possible. This is not a new idea but it has become more significant since the beginning of this pandemic. This paradigm is a key aspect of the new economic that’s shaping up.

When you buy local, you’re supporting local businesses. You build stronger relationships with the community and contribute to improving the quality of the environment and our health. When you buy local, you’re aiding local talent and discovering unique colours and tastes from the regions you go through.

For a second year, we want to showcase the hidden treasures of Québec. Throughout the summer, #RCGTsurLaRoute will broadcast interviews with local businesses on our social media. Join us in promoting local businesses by sharing your finds using the hashtag #AchatLocal or #BuyLocal.


Throughout the summer, meet local businesses!

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Förena Cité thermale
Discover immersion and complete relaxation in a unique experience at the Förena Cité Thermale complex in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville.

Advice and support measures

Here you will find useful information for business recovery, such as advice, available support measures and resources on local purchasing and on the tourism industry.

Finance RCGT

Business Financing, Treasury and Profitability

Sensitive to your needs and aware of the financial challenges caused by the pandemic, we have prepared a list of support measures available, advice from our experts and relevant information to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Tourisme - Villes - RCGT

Support Measures for Tourism Businesses

Hard hit by the pandemic, tourism, leisure and culture businesses have had to revise their plan and seek financial assistance to get through those difficult times. A number of financial aid programs are available. Our experts are following up on these measures for you.

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Santé globale entreprises - RCGT

Taking Action to Achieve Balance

Knowing how to surround yourself with the right people is part of a sound management process to avoid stressors that could compromise the business’s overall well-being. Check out our videos of entrepreneur testimonials which illustrate the problems they have encountered over in recent months.

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Planification stratégique - RCGT

How to Prepare a Business’s Strategic Diagnosis

How do you plan for your business’s future in this unique environment? First and foremost, you need to undertake a strategic diagnosis to help you take stock, solidify your foundations and get pointed in the right direction.

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The ABCDs of Good Governance

Is your organization stagnating and lacking agility? Is innovation getting harder to achieve? It is time to review the governance of your company in order to better coordinate, surround yourself and define the roles and responsibilities of all the players in your team.

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Tourisme - RCGT

Adapt to Emerging Customer Needs

Businesses need to modernise the experience offered to their customers. Technology is helping businesses adjust to new consumer demands. It has become essential to meet new needs and to remain competitive in a fast evolving market.

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Other resources

Did you know that...

Quebec government has set up the Stratégie nationale d’achat d’aliments québécois to promote the purchase of food produced or processed in Québec. Under this strategy, 85% of Quebec government institutions involved will set targets by 2023. Several programs will support this initiative.

Did you know that...

Our firm is a member of the Regroupement des Firmes de Services Professionnels Indépendantes (RFSPI). Our ambition is to contribute to the Québec’s recovery and to promote local purchasing of professional services. Let us be proud of our people and rely on local businesses. To learn more about the Regroupement’s initiative, visit the site.